3 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Newbie or Professional Author

author stress

Launching your book is not a small task. It can be quite traumatizing especially if you’re a highly-Sensitive or an introverted author.

This excessive stress that authors experience can result in a condition that could as well be called PPTSD (Post-Publishing Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Being creative can be exciting, fun and rewarding. However, it can also be tiring, stressful and frustrating. As a creative author, you have the tendency to be quite passionate about any book or project that you’re working on.

In your zeal and enthusiasm, you’re also quite happy and do not see anything wrong with sacrificing your free time  to see to it that these projects become actualized.

Some authors eagerly add to the work pile, bulking their work table with a lot of work perhaps because it makes you feel fulfilled and laboriously gratified.

Even if the job is so boring and wouldn’t do much to boost your income you just have to do it because it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

I recognize the fact that there is too much work on your hands.

However, until technology advances to the point where these boring jobs are carried out by robots and we hardly have much to do as authors in the economy, we’ll have to learn to manage time effectively.

To play this role successfully, you’ll not only need to find time to attend to pressing projects but also have to accept and recognize when the time simply isn’t there.

Although you’re not completely aware of it, you just might be stretching yourself so thin. This will in turn negatively impact your overall wellbeing and productivity.

This brings us to the following questions:

How can authors publish their books wholeheartedly and successfully while honoring the need to recharge?

As an author, how should you de-fuse your natural tendency to absorb the energy in a room during an event-packed tour or book launch?

  1. The Elephant should be Eaten in Little Bites to Chase Away the Tiger.

A common metaphor for trauma and acute stress disorder is “The tiger”.

True as our brain tells us, a book launch is nowhere near a tiger attack. However, there is hardly any difference between a tiger stress and a book stress.

Follow these steps to reduce the stress on your brain:

  • Divide your Book Launch into several bit-sized tasks.
  • Applaud yourself by giving yourself a treat after each completed task.
  • Take a rest.
  • Do this over and over again.

Repeating this process helps the brain to create neural pathways which will work to link the book launch process along with several feelings of achievement.

As a result, the positive links will in turn boost your brain’s immunity to minor annoyance and large stresses.

  1. Work out a Daily Retreat as an Author

“You need to retreat every day.  Build it into your schedule, just like your visit to the dentist.

Although, you might consider it unnecessary time wasting, you’ll be thanking me much after the time spent. This daily retreat will also be an effective way to steady your hormones and control aging signs.

  1. Bring a Familiar Scent to Parties and Events.

Let your nose your nose guide you this time around. You can choose to wear your beautiful scent on your attire or on your skin.

This will help your nervous system to relax, especially when the scent comes with a comforting memory. This will be of great aid especially if you’ll be speaking or performing at the event.

Our body’s metronome is its heartbeat. A racing heart will make you speak faster as the tongue is also timed to the speeding beat of the heart.

A calmer beating of the heart will prompt you to communicate and this will further help your delivery and connection with your audience.

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