5 Powerful Exercise that will Improve your Health

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With the recent increase in technology, we find it hard to engage in exercise unless you visit the gym. Most persons don’t have the time and money to visit the gym and they need to engage in one exercise or the other so as to maintain a stable health condition.

Exercise is very needful to us because it is one of the factors that guarantees one’s lifespan. It helps in the removal of deadly toxins from the body. Many a time when you are constantly depressed in your workplace, it’s as a result of accumulated stress and anxiety.

Exercise helps to reduce the rate of depression and sickness. I will show you just 6 simple exercise that can boost your health and save you the cost of going to the gym.


This sounds simple but it came first because of its effectiveness. This is very effective when done in a deliberate manner. Talk a 15 minutes walk every morning. It helps you to burn calories and remove deadly toxins from your body.

Other health benefits of walking are;

It helps to improve your mood

It helps you to maintain a healthy weight

It helps to strengthen your muscles and born

Helps to reduce the risk of heart disease.

It helps to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

It also helps to reduce the risk of diabetes.


While walking either in the morning, evening or while going to work. Lift Up your head and look straight. Don’t look on the ground.

Relax your neck and shoulder and let your arm swing freely. Ensure that your back is straight and your stomach is tightened.

Climb a staircase

Climbing a staircase is of great importance to your health. Most persons avoid this because they found themselves breathing high after climbing the staircase.

Entering a lift might save your time but it’s not healthy if you are not exercising your body.

Health benefits of climbing a staircase include;

It helps to burn fat at a fast rate

It helps to tighten burns

It enhances weight loss

It strengthens the lower body

It helps to build great abs

It helps to clear toxins from the respiratory tracks.

Press up

This can be done in your room. You don’t need a trainer for this and it’s very effective. Press up has a dynamic health benefit and it’s advisable that you do it every morning and evening before taking your bath.

Health benefit of press up includes;

It helps to stretch the muscles especially that of the arms, tight and shoulder

It helps to balance and protect the shoulders from injury

It helps to strengthen the lower back and protect it from injuries

It helps to build muscles on the arm and shoulders

It enhances your posture

It also helps to burn fat and reduce weight

For effectiveness, if you are a first timer, please start with 10 press up. 5 morning and 5 night. Place your palms on the flow, stretch your legs. Use your toes to stand while your two hands are on the ground. Ensure that your lower back is straight while engaging this exercise.


If you love having fun, swimming is a good way to engage inadequate exercise. Its a dual process for fun lovers. Swimming is very effective, especially for pregnant women. It helps to stretch the body and allow easy flow of blood. Swimming also helps to improve your sexual life and keep you healthy.

Other health benefits of swimming are;

It builds strength and stamina while toning the muscles

It helps to build endurance, cardiovascular fitness and muscles strength. This is why its recommended for pregnant women.

Eliminates impact stress from the body

Enhances the rate of blood flow in the body

Improves body posture

Enhances flexibility


Squatting has been proven to be one great way of building stamina and strength. It doesn’t require you visiting a gym nor having an instructor. With or without a chair you can have a quality squatting exercise. It helps to reduce stress and weight. It also helps to maintain the correct body posture.

Other health benefits of Squatting are;

Reduces back pain

Enhances Ankle mobility

Strengthen the Glutes and Hips

Helps for proper digestion of food.

Helps to build Abs

It also helps to enhance your sex performance

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